Purchase Your RoadMinder Bundle And Show Your Support For Safer Roads

$ 59.95 /USD

All in one single purchase:
  • Your ‘RoadMinders’ t-shirt
  • The RoadMinders® Car bumper sticker
  • Set of The RoadMinder® badges
  • 2 x Brand New Super Drive Snippets
  • RoadMinders® VIP membership and receive Super Specials

Having a great idea is just the start. But we are way beyond that…

ODOS Drive School is passionate about changing the behaviour of how people interact on the road. Many dangers can be averted through a clearer sense of awareness and that comes through a new style of road education.

Education For All Road Users Is Our Passion

The RoadMinders (R) has been introduced to re-educate experienced road users, new-comers to the road and non-motor users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

For this reason we have created a series of road education animations which will roll out soon in the new year. These are fun and entertaining, whilst also giving complete information on how to perform a driving task safely and confidently.

All early-bird buyers (such as yourselves) will get discounted prices on all of our products.

We will also begin production of our universal road safety heroes, The RoadMinders (R) , pictured who are Intergalactic educators of good road etiquette and a healthy mentality in safe road use – something everyone needs to be reminded of…plus much more.

Why We Need Your Support

It is our mission to present this product to the community in the new year. We are a self-financed production, by getting funds behind us we will be able to supercharge our operations and get The RoadMinders (R) products out on the road and making a difference to the safety of the community as a whole, in a very short time.

Our Current Goals To Fulfil

  • Create the app on which our new Super Drive Snippets will be presented
  • Further funding for our animation team to continue its great work
  • Development and implementation of our community awareness program through online marketing and live events programs to schools and community divisions.
  • Production of merchandise that will carry the name of The RoadMinders and bring further awareness to our community road safety campaign.

What We Will Give You For Your Support

All in one single purchase:

  • A RoadMinders (R) T-shirt with a choice of two designs and wide wide variety of sizes.
  • A RoadMinders (R) bumper sticker (to show your support of a better road culture and encourage others to do the same).
  • Your RoadMinders (R) badge.
  • Two sample new SuperDrive Snippets