About Us

The RoadMinders is here to help build a better world, and they do that in whatever way they can. With the whole RoadMinders ® team on board, they have the vision to look into all aspects of daily life.

Through podcasts, entertaining animations, social media and their own unique products, The Road Minders ® will be bringing a new world of entertainment and fun to put their contribution into helping to build a better world for everyone.

Be Our Guest

It’s easy for you to be part of it too.

By following our Podcast at: theroadminders1.podbean.com, you can help us in developing our productions and brand in making The Road Minders ® voice heard all over the world.


Animated Driving Lessons

The RoadMinders Animation

The RoadMinders ® have been created to offer a new breed of superhero to today’s society. They are the superheroes we need for inspiration to find a way to build a better world.

The RoadMinders ® web series will be produced by ODOS Productions, the mother company of The RoadMinders. As an animation company ODOS Productions strives to simultaneously entertain and provide our viewers with a new vision, one that starts with each person’s own vision for a better world.

The RoadMinders Show Image

The People Behind The RoadMinders ®

Nick Zonnios

CEO /Creative Director

Nick Zonnios has found a perfect outlet for his special talent in talking to people. Creating a podcast that encompases his road knowledge plus his ability to get people to talk about themselves is a match made in Podcast heaven.

Eva Zonnios

marketing/Executive Producer

Eva Zonnios has fun producing the Podcast and getting a chance to utilise her digital skills when it comes to editing and promoting The RoadMinders with Youtube videos and Social Media.