The People Behind The RoadMinders!

You may already have heard about us. We are appearing everywhere, more and more each day.

We are here to spread a message – and we are doing that via:

  • Animations

  • Podcast

  • Blog posts

  • Online Education Products

  • Social Media

Our Message Transcends All Nations

A Simple Message To Help Everyone To Be Safer On The Roads

Spear-headed by Nick Zonnios, an experienced Drive Test Officer and Driving School Owner, The RoadMinders have been created to spread the word of saftey on the roads to people in different stages of their lives through different mediums.

Using a variety of platforms, The RoadMinders has animated style products to communicate with their younger audience members, their online Drive Test Masterclass for their learner drivers to associate with, and the very entertaining Podcast, Niko Presents The RoadMinders which is aimed at current drivers.

Niko Presents The RoadMinders is unique in that instead of trying to re-train older, or more experienced drivers on the road, it simply entertains them to bring help the drivers enjoy their drive more as they listen to some good entertainment. Each guest is asked about how they find their daily experiences on the road. This conversation plays a role in people hearing how their own driving can affect another person’s safety on the road.


Niko Presents The RoadMinders Podcast

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Here To Help Spread The RoadMinders Message Of Safer Roads For Everyone

Eva is the behind-the-scenes strategist and producer of the elements presented in The RoadMinders variety of initiatives. 

With a continuous skill-building ethic, Eva has the ability to create great work in video production, content writing, copywriting & business development in general. 

The RoadMinders is a special area of focus for Eva because the business itself is founded by her husband Nick Zonnios. Together, with Nick’s ideas and inspiration and Eva’s technical abilities, they have developed and created many products:

  • Super Drive Snippets – Animated Driving Lessons
  • Drive Test Masterclass course – High Quality Online Course
  • Podcast, Niko Presents The RoadMinders
  • ODOS Drive School online promotion

Eva From Zon Digital Services

eva zon-TRM

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