The Trucking Industry – How it’s traveling and how it works

If they hit the brakes too hard, they’re likely to jackknife and backend a number of vehicles. Yeah, the worst thing that we see in air industry is, drivers driving to the road conditions; then having cars jacking in front of them because there’s a bit of spice there, which takes away their breaking line. So, it’s all of a sudden, it could cause a fairly serious accident.

What do speech pathologists do?

I think that’s a common misconception with speech pathology because everyone sort of thinks about it; it might be someone that studies, or it might be a child who can’t say a sound properly, but it’s actually a lot more broad than that. Especially for me, a lot of the clients I see, they don’t actually speak at all, so they’re what we would call nonverbal clients. And they will never be able to speak the same way that we do.